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Vidja Game Trading Sites

I'm a bleedin' cheapskate... yet I love to hoard video games... I'm one of those 'holes that feels Obsessively Compulsively Compelled By The Power of Dog to get my hands on every cool looking game. As such, my backlog of Cool Games I Own an...


DS Adventure Games? Anyone?

So I've been plowing my way through the various 'n' sundry "old skool" adventure games on the DS... they seem to be the sort you'll either love or hate. So far, they've all had their charms, but still no home run hitters yet... just whiffle...


Myqui's Tales of Etrian Odyssey

Alright, so I've been a wuss with regards to DS game difficulty... not even smart or skillled enough to finish any of the DS Castlevania games. Along came Etrian Odyssey, and sure enough, 20 minutes in to the game I was dead as a doornail.....


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