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Here's what I thought of today's Nintendo Direct


Clarification: A list of the things I cared enough to write about.

Geez - what an odd Direct. There was cool shit, there was lame shit, there was shit that I kinda didn't care about, but that's okay. It's Nintendo, it doesn't matter.

Star Fox Zero is looking more impressive and feature-complete than when I played it last year (obviously), delaying it certainly looks to have helped a lot. I'm interested in seeing how that co-op motion control mode plays, since you can't disable motion controls fully.

Project Guard is a nice bonus, but probably isn't something I'm necessarily interested in playing, if at all. Gimme Project Giant Robot, nerds.

God, I really need to pick up Super Mario Maker again. The new gameplay elements add so much to what was already a pretty stellar toolkit. You bet you're gonna see more puzzle levels and boss levels -- especially with those damn keys. Mike Cosimano, I'm looking at you.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE looks… interesting? At least, more interesting than when we last saw it. Might look at picking it up, and I hope it's good enough to hold me over until Persona 5.

Paper Mario: Color Splash just looks like HD Sticker Star. I’m so disappointed. Fucking look at that sad battle screen. Just more of the same Sticker Star battles with no EXP or incentive to do anything but run away. Where's the Paper Mario audience? I sincerely hope they bring in some new characters and an actual story, otherwise it's an absolute shame that this has to exist.

You bet your entire DICK I'll be picking up Pokken Tournament, if not only to main Gengar. Look at this shit. I'm still laughing.

SNES games on my New 3DS? Makes lots of sense. I mean, finally. Earthbound and Super Metroid on my damn portable is really the one thing I’ve ever wanted from Nintendo. Good going, guys.

I don’t buy collector’s editions (or physical games, for that matter) but I’m probably 500% grabbing the collector’s edition for Bravely Second: End Layer. The first game was, uh, mostly great -- I'm really just excited to play more. And that catmancer. Christ.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force looks… um, better than I had expected. When I had first played it, it was kinda soulless, and what’s the word -- “terrible”. At least they're putting in some sort of effort to create a good side story in the Metroid Prime universe, and the addition of player roles and an RPG-esque level system makes it a little more enticing.


Of course the new Kirby looks great, but god damn -- look at those amiibo. I will purchase thirty Waddle Dees or I will die trying.

All in all, in my honest opinion it wasn't necessarily worth being late for work to catch the Direct. Although that screencap of Gengar definitely got me through the whole day.

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