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San Diego ComicCon 2012!

We're going to be at Comic Con July 11-15! Come on by and try out our new game Rush Bros. live on the floor! Also learn more about our new game: Steampunk Chronicles! Come see us at Booth 2002!


Rush Bros. Sprites!

Hey it's the weekend! That means it's time to have some fun! Let's showcase some early sprite work for our upcomming Steam competitive platform game: Rush Bros. Idle animations: Pulling a lever: Crawling/Sliding: Dying & Ladder C...


We are Xyla Entertainments!

Hello there! We're Xyla Entertainments. We are developing PC games for release on Steam right now! We understand that games are art, and we want you to use our tools as your canvas! We are developing titles like "FPS Sandbox" which allows...


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Xyla Entertainment is a small game design company of around 10-20 employees.

We are currently developing games for release on Steam Early 2012.

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