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Well what is to say, I've been an avid gamer since back in the day of SNES; however, I wasn't really into video games until the Nintendo 64. The first game I really got into was Ocarina of Time, and I've been a Zelda fanboy ever since, with Majora's Mask being my favorite installment in the series. Since then pretty much all of my hard earned cash goes into buying video games of all genres. As a gamer I am always getting my friends into my video games, I never exclude them even if it is a single player game, and I definitely get too excited when I get to talk about my favorites around them. Currently, I am proud to say the I have a Demon's Souls protege! Of all my games, most of my time goes to Zelda, but Oblivion and Demon's souls have definitely eaten my days whole, and I've poured hundreds of hours into them both. Oh, and I never shirk away from the chance to say that I have yet to become as engrossed with a multiplayer experience as I was with Gears 1, be it COD, BF, Crysis and the like, though killzone came close, none of it is the same, even Gears 2 did little to get me as hooked as I had been with the first. I am always seeking a great challenge, but I always find myself blowing through games on their highest difficulties (as I refuse to play on any other difficulty); as I had mentioned earlier the multiplayer segments just aren't appealing, so usually I just sell most of my games to fund my addiction. That's not to say they are boring during the time I play them, but not many games have an actual lasting appeal, even though games continuously hype their game as having just that. My most prized game currently is my Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition, the excitement that was within me the day I got it was indescribable: I popped that baby in and didn't come out of my room for like two days. Well that's me as a gamer, I am not too picky with what I buy as most games usually offer up a solid, fun experience, and then when a gem comes along - a game that simply blows me away - I proudly flaunt it as part of my collection!