Space, and Time

I preferred Rayman Origins to Rayman Legends. Which is weird, right? Rayman Legends - even if you choose to overlook its tighter level design and increased variety - threw the bulk of Rayman Origins' levels in for free. How could I lik...


Micro Reviews #1

SUPER MARIO 3D LAND I like 3D Land an awful lot. Between replays, I'm often guilty of confusing 3D Land and 3D World in my head; this does the former a massive disservice. I like it for its structure. I like how short its levels are; ...



I've always been a little bit bewildered as to why so many blatantly lost, lonely, unhappy people flock to videogames. I've always found games to be quite cold, sterile, impersonal things. I've found escapism in videogames, but I've never f...


Nintendo Gamer

For reasons I'll save for another blog because it's been a long day and I'm a little too tired to tell you kids a bedtime story, I grew up with games, but I didn't grow up with gaming culture. The idea that there might be magazines devoted ...


Old Podtoid Episodes

Ugh. What a waste of an afternoon. So, I imagine I'm not the only Podtoid fan who's tried to dig deeper into the archives than episode 76. On your search you've probably come across this post, and this one, and countless others. Nearly ...


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