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Is Multiplayer Necessary?

I've been getting ragged on by a lot of my friends, being such a huge survival horror buff, about not having Dead Space 2. I absolutely loved the first one but felt like I missed the boat (or spaceship) on the second one. After some ponderi...


DLC, Yay or nay?

Recently the internet has been a buzz about L.A. Noire, the game that has a shit ton of exclusive DLC to certain retailers and exclusive content on the PS3. It's kind of a annoying to unfortunately discover you are missing a portion of your...


Survival Horror, what happened to you?

Survival horror isn't as scary as it use to be. Yeah I said it. The problem being game developers choose not to attack the player on a subconscious level but on a physical one. The dawn of the current console generation has been pretty roug...


About MustEnjoyPieone of us since 1:49 PM on 05.03.2011

Hey names Erik, I'm alpha as fuck. Deal with it.

Excuse my bad attempt to become the alpha male.

So now that you have foiled my little ruse to become dominate, I will explain myself a little more.

I've been playing video games for the last, well fucking forever. Super Mario fucked my life. I could have become an astronaut or the president of turkey, but no, I had to end up being sucked into the endless awesome factor in the world of video games.

Now that you understand my very intriguing and thrilling back-story let's talk about my favorite video games.

God damn survival horror~ woot~

I started getting boners for survival horror games the moment I played Resident Evil 2 (for the gamecube lol). The atmosphere, the hopelessness, the monsters, all of it combined into something I would enjoy for the rest of my life. Survival horror has been on a slow downhill roll since the introduction of our current console generation. It seems like a good survival horror game has become less about being scared, and more about action with gory elements. I hope with my writing I will be able to change that. Yeah there have been games recently like Amnesia and Dead Space that have gone back to the survival horror foundations, but they're are far inbetween, but the core emotional drawing scary games brings us has dissipated.

Mind you the blog will be about gaming in general, so don't think I have a one track mind.

So thanks reading this 21 year olds gaming blog on the internet (because everyone has one of those)