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Metal Gear Mondays: Stuff you NEED to know edition

Yup, as I mentioned yesterday, here are all the details for Metal Gear Mondays

NOTE: Originally this was going to be called euro/early MGM, but seeing as no-one has blogged about this yet, apart from me, it's easier and more simple if it stays MGM, however,if one of you Americans, Canadians, whatever, whoever, decides to create a MGM seperate to this one, then this will be re-titled E.E (geddit?) MGM.

ALSO, though MGO is reigon locked, there are ways to circumvent this, Like i did, so if you cant be bothered, no worries, but if you can, PM me ASAP. This version of Metal Gear Mondays is aimed towards the europe crowd, feel free to ake your own, country specific edtion if you are not happy with ths one

I'll start off by suggesting that you register for a game ID first, as the process is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG to say the least, and DO NOT download the patch by selecting the p2p fuction, or you'll be waiting for ages, select 'download from server'
After this process is done, MAKE sure you selct auto login, as it can be a pain to remember
your login details (like old snake).Then go create your character, as the character creation is surprisingly deep, and if you havent played MGO before, you'll spend a good deal of time fiddiling around with the various settings.

Unfortunately, I cannot create a clan as of yet, the fucking game says a minimum of 20 playing hours and a level of 3 is required, however, in next weeks euro FNF ps3 post, I'll give out details of how you can join the DTIOD clan.

BUT, BUT, as you may already of guessed, I'll be the host, so

1. So, select lobby select from the main menu

2.When the orange menu appears, Select Free Battle

3.Another menu appears on the side, select the OTACON Lobby

4. Select 'Join game'

5. Search for my hosted game, called TOID, from the list that appears, Just scroll down until you see the name

6. Password protection WILL be enabled, (to keep douchebags, newbs, and general asreholes out) The password, DESTRUCTIOD

7. The conditon of the game will be CASUAL, this is about having fun and working as a team, or kicking other peoples asses.

YOU MUST BRING A MIC, as you'll be in control, also Teamwork is GODDAMN nesessary,
if or when Team Deathmatch starts, players without mics will be relagated to another team if they have no mic, in other words one till will be organized, the other team will most likely get there asses handed to them.

There will be a rotary of games, or if enough players request a mode multiple times, then we'll play the same game type again.

Festivities will kick off 9 PM GMT time, 4pm EST time

Any further questions? Easy, just put them in the coment boxes below, this will be posted again(with some minor edits0 on monday at 7pm GMT time, 2pm EST time, now excuse me whilst I finish off the rest of MGS4
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