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Euro/Early FNF….. SSSSSNAAAAAAAAKE!!!!(maybe) Edition

Seeing as there aren’t euro FNF ps3 hosters, I’ll try my best to fufill this role, Thanks wardrox for ya permission and support!!!

Yes boys (and girls) the time to FNF is nearly upon upon us. I doesn’t matter where you live or what time it is, Every DTIODER loves FNF. Enough of the slushy stuff.

Now some of you maybe thinking what is Early FNF? Seeing as the US (and other countries) day/ night time is different to Europe’s, Early FNF is only a name you Americans, Canadians, Brazilians, whoever, wherever can use to describe Euro FNF, seeing as you don’t live in Europe. Any questions? Just PM me or write them in the comment box(es) below. ANYBODY is wellcome to join Euro (ps3) FNF, just leave you’re psn name in the box below and I’ll add you as a friend, easy as that. Also, as the US is about 4-5 hours behind U.K time, ‘festivities’ will kick off at about 5 pm your time.

My fellow European DTIODERS, festivities will be kicking off 10pm GMT time.

Now on to the game of choice. It’s not going to be MGS4. Now before you all flame me and start saying I’m a lying bastard , Just hear me out, please?

[i]1. The spoiler issue- By playing online, we’ll likely encounter some douchebag who’ll start blabbering at the game set-up screen on how he has already finished the game and will probably start sprouting story spoilers
Like there’s no tomorrow, not good at all if you’re halfway though the game, is it?

2. It came out yesterday- Which means most of us (including me) haven’t yet finished the game, hell I’m still getting used to the controls, not even that, some DTIODERS are still waiting to buy the game and will most likely buy it either today or tomorrow.[/i]


(you will probably be thinking)

Well here’s why ;)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you……………..




Starting on this Monday, the chance to get your ‘metal gear on’ with your fellow dtioders will be available, I’ll post ALL the details tomorrow at around 8pm GMT time.

Now that’s sorted, the game of choice tonight, unsurprisingly, will be GTA4?
INVITES will be sent by me for party mode, then we can decide what to to from there once we have all met up. Any questions?

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER, this is for PS3 owners only, sorry but that’s all I own, please contact wardrox if you want to set up a 360 Euro fnf or pc one, he should be able to help you out, he sure as hell helped me.
Also if there are too many people for me to host, please as soon as, like right now if, pm me if you want and can, host

Last but not least (yeah, right), my psn- mushmania101

Ciao, for now


I’m going to go for a driving lesson in a minute, so will reply to your comments in about 2 - 2 1/2
Hours, sorry bout that.
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