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One Last BRORUSH, Dtoid style (shortblog)

Epic times were had last PC FNF, where the DToid crew rolled out, BRO style, and trolled the piss poor servers and 'community' of Modern Warfare 2. However, epic times can be had tonight. To mark the last night of the free weekend of the ...


Congratulations Nathan Drake.

Despite the behemoth known as Modern Warfare 2 coming out this winter, sony's push of Uncharted 2 has paid off, with the game shifting 2.1 million copies before Christmas. A whopping number for a adventure game, but well deserved because ...


O Hai PS Home, how ya do....FREEZE

So, after waking up and deciding to take a dump for half-hour, whilst playing Phoenix Wright (I wanted to get up but my arse kept shouting OBJECTION!!! and making me sit back down, eating lots of meat makes for huge poopies) I decided to pl...


I Don't Get All The Rage Against 2.7

(WARNING: This Blog can be considered as TL:DR material, so you if you can't be bothered reading this, go play some awesome videogames) As any PS3 owner who turned on their black obelisk today would know, firmware update 2.7 has been rel...


I popped my STEAM cherry

As I person who is still is wary of the rise of digital distribution, I was not very sure of STEAM. I prefer holding a physical copy of the game, not for materialistic purposes, but for the fact that it is, currently, a lot more secure ...


A Muslim's take on the LBP Controversy

(WARNING: WALL-O-TEXT, if you can‘t be bothered reading, no worries, go play video games, they awesome, really freaking awesome) Hi there guys, I wasn’t planning on writing a 'serious' blog today, rather I was preparing to become a re...


EU PSN Store: I'm Going Down Hell's Highway Edition

Wilbo is currently indisposed with preparations with a trip, and has kindly let me do this week's update, thanks dude! Hello there boys and girls, another week, another PSN Store update, this time with less 'win'. Despite the relatively ...


Early/Euro FNF: Anti-Pax Edition

Het there fellow Dtoider, don't cry over PAX and not rollin' with the Toid army, not when we get down and busy killing each other, yup it's FNF time Ladies and Gentlemen. However, this week is special, rather than me and the fine Sir Wi...


Euro/Early PS3 FNF:The Dark Knight Edition

'Ello there my fellow PS3 owning Dtoiders, apologies for my absences, but I’m back again. First of all thanks to wilbo, who filled the role fantastically, couldn’t of done it without you buddy. Secondly, those of you that haven’t s...


Euro/Early PS3 FNF: I'm a Stupid F**K! Edition

This week's game was supposed to be the awesome Unreal Tournament 3, however one hell of a fuck up happened, let me explain: After playing till three in the morning last night, it was safe to say I was very tired and could not think for s...


Euro/Early PS3 FNF, GRANADAAA!!! Edition

Like last week ladies and gentlemen, the game for this week will be again Call of Duty 4: However, unlike last week, we will start with a slew of private matches instead of duking it out with strangers online. Expect matches to vary fro...


Euro/Early PS3 FNF: OOOORAH!! Edition.

Yep. it's Friday again people, and FNF time. However this week showcases a 'new' game that we can all agree is just phenomenal, here's a hint........... Yep it's the one and only Call Of Duty 4 (or COD4 if you prefer) rather than go on...


Early/Euro PS3 FNF:BOOT CAMP, Edition

Hello there guys and gals, it's Friday again and time to brutally murder, maim, blow up, shoot or even teabag your fellow Dtoiders. However this week will follow a military theme, seeing as everyone likes shooting ‘stuff’ whilst dresse...


Euro MGM: 1st Assignment Edition

Yup, boys and Girls, it's monday already and time to get your Metal gear 'on' with your fellow European Dtioders. This week will not feature Team sneak, and will be a rotation of Team Deathmatch, Base, Sneaking and mabe even a Deathmatch...


Euro/Early PS3 FNF: SPECIAL!!! Edition

Yup, it's friday ladies and gentlemen, and time to duke it out with your fellow Dtioders, however it's a break from the norm this week. Rather being a dictatorial idiot like this evil bastard: I decided that this week to let all you love...



Sargeant Mushy speaking here, you puke eating soldier pussies so just SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SIT THE FUCK DOWN!!!! Something will happen today ladies, an event that will impact ALL us PS3 veterans. Yes, you inbred Maniacs, you sorry excuses ...


Euro Metal Gear Mondays, 1st Edition

Yup, it's monday people and time to GET your metal gear on with fellow Dtioders!!! So, here's how to join the action tonight: 1.Select lobby select from the main menu 2.When the orange menu appears, Select Free Battle 3.Another me...


Metal Gear Mondays: Stuff you NEED to know edition

Yup, as I mentioned yesterday, here are all the details for Metal Gear Mondays NOTE: Originally this was going to be called euro/early MGM, but seeing as no-one has blogged about this yet, apart from me, it's easier and more simple if it ...


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