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Once more, with feeling.

Six months later; radio silence. Whoops.

It's hard to say what brought me back. Motivation is funny like that. You're doing something utterly mundane, like showering or washing your hands and bang, out of the blue, you realize; "Huh, haven't written in a while."

And then, there you are. At the computer, writing.

It's mastering these bursts of inspiration and harnessing them that is key. What is it the key to? That's something I'm still struggling with myself. In truth, that's where I've been the past few months. Besides getting a new job, and other complicated things in my life, I somehow forgot that this is something I genuinely ENJOY. I won't try to fake my way down the noble path somehow and say that I don't care if I get recognized for my work, because I do want to be recognized. I think that the difference now is that it's not a main goal, it's a possible side-effect. As someone so succinctly put it to me the other day, the way I was before, waiting for something to happen, was like buying a lottery ticket and immediately making plans for the prize money. When you're doing something like writing, I realize now, never take anything for granted. Honestly, looking over my past articles, I completely have taken everything for granted. Every comment, every fap, hell, even every time someone looks at a post, it means something.

Because at the end of the day, no one, NO ONE is writing in a vacuum.

Tomorrow, I'll be giving my take on the Hitman Absolution trailer controversy. Spoilers: My opinion isn't very popular.
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About Musaione of us since 10:08 PM on 06.02.2009

Who am I? That's a good question. I'm a 26 year old gamer from Canada who's been playing video games for 22 years - I live and breathe games, and by extension, the industry. When I'm not gaming, reading about gaming or the industry, talking about games with friends or on forums or thinking about them, I enjoy reading, writing, sleeping, music, hockey, or hanging out with my girlfriend, though not necessarily in that order. I've recently finished my BA in linguistics, and I already have a half-BA in journalism that I'll probably never get done, considering I have enough experience to write news stories. Right now, I own a PS2, 360, gaming PC, DS, and PSP, and in the past, I have owned almost every console since the NES, at some point or another. I hope to expand to a PS3 as soon as I can.

I've actually written about the industry before, including an unsuccessful stint with RPGamer in my pre-university days. I was sadly forced to give it up because of a lack of time. I also wrote a gaming editorial column for my university paper, which my editor always wanted to make a "what's a cool game this week" column. Needless to say, they didn't renew me for another semester. Ah well.

I can usually be found playing RPGs or MMORPGs, though recently, I've started playing a lot of games from other genres, including some (incredibly unrealistic) racing games. Although I said I like hockey, I wouldn't be caught dead playing sports games; I just never really liked them.

I suppose if there's anything else you could possibly want to know about me, you can ask, though I can't imagine what you-

Oh, right, I forgot.

Cake or pie?

Definitely cake.

Xbox LIVE:Musai kai


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