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Hello, New Member hear!


Hello gamers!!!!!

My name is Ray, I'm new to this whole thing, but I really like video games among other things.

My current obsessions are Halo 2 and DQ Tycoon, which is a really fun game, except for the fact that it makes you hungry. It has actually helped me out a lot in learning how to manage businesses, especially since I'm going into business with my friend Chase.

The business is called The Murphitorium and it's an Eddie Murphy museum and store. It's not open yet but we've got an investor and a location leased, so it's coming real soon, hopefully in Feb or March and oh yeah it's in the midwest, so if you live around Pedroza, MO then come check us out or drop by the store we'll give you a tour even though it's not open yet, lol! If you're near there, it's out by the old Denny's, right across from it actually!

If you have Xbox Live my gamertag is murphimaniac, drop me a line if you want to play a few rounds of Halo 2 or Tetris Worlds! Hopefully once we start making money I can upgrade to an 360, lol!


P.S. The pic is of our store, when we first got it. it's plain in that but will look much better when we r done!
P.P.S. If you want more info on the store, see our websight at www.themurphitorium.com
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About Murphimaniacone of us since 7:58 PM on 01.19.2009

Name: Ray Lumina
Age: 23
Occupation: Co-Owner of Eddie Murphy Museum/Store
Dream Job: Co-Owner of Eddie Murphy Museum/Store

About Me: I grew up in the boring old midwest with my best friend Chase. I went to culinary school for 2 semesters, dropped out, engaged in several dumb business moves with Chase (who got his dumbass into harvard) then finally started on our dream job. Our dream job was to create an Eddie Murphy museum, because we were both huge fans of his movies but then Chase decided it would be coolr if it had a store in it, so now it's a store AND museum! It's not done yet, but we have leased a location and are working on it! You can check out our website at theMurphitorium.com.

Oh yeah, I'm also a huge gamer. I have both an Xbox and a PC computer and my fav game is Halo 2. I'm also currently playing Spore and DQ Tycoon, which has actually helped my business management skills alot! lol