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DQ Tycoon MiniReview + HDDVD update

DQ tycoon mini review

So I first heard of DQ Tycoon from here at destructoid and it sounded like a lot of fun. I liked Pizza Tycoon II and other tycoon games with food plus I love Dairy Queen, so I figured "why not?"

Even better, it ran on my terrible computer! The basic idea is like Dinner Dash where you have to help out all the customers as fast as you can. The graphics are pretty corny but will make you want ice cream not corn. There's all kinds of upgrades you can get for your store too so it's more like Dinner Dash but with more management stuff in there too.

The sound and music is pretty boring, so I usually just turn on some f.o.b. on media player and that works fine.

Overall the game is pretty good, on the murphiscale I give it a Shrek the 4th out of 5.

Other stuff

So my last post got a lot of comments, mainly because of my boneheaded room mate Chase. So here's the update. He actually didn't buy it on ebay but on craigslist and the seller isn't willing to cooperate. He's going to go down to the guys place tomorrow and try and talk it out, hopefully I won't be bailing him out of jail (well, I guess he can't cuz we have no money!).

OH and I almost forgot, like I said in our video blog, we finally got our permits! I wish I could scan and show these off cuz they were a pain in the a** to get. I never knew you had to have a permit for so many things. All the prep work is done, now we're just waiting on all the merchindise and we'll be open! Can't wait. We created a little fan club/frequent shopper club for the store, the link for the info on that is http://themurphitorium.com/?p=26

I will try and post a FULL review of DQ Tycoon soon, I'm still using the demo so I'll do the full one as soon as I get the full game.

Thanks and MURPH ON!
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