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A Pleasant Surprise: Gray Matter

I was unaware of Gray Matter until I looked it up after someone had mentioned the name to me after its release. I'm glad they did - it is an amazing game. Note that this is not a review, but merely me trying to get this game some attention, as I am quite fascinated after the short time that I spent with it.

After originally being announced for a release in 2004, then going through multiple pushbacks, publisher- and developer changes, Jane Jansen's first game since Gabriel Knight finally was released in November of 2010.
At least in Germany it was, it'll be coming to the rest of Europe in February of next year - but since the English-language track is on the German disc, importing the PC-version is an option for the rest of the world. The 360 one most probably is region-locked.

Anyway, here's a trailer:

It's classic point & clicky adventure stuff. What stands out most to me so far - six hours and three chapters in - are the awesome soundtrack and the great characters. And though I'm not quite sure what it is, something about this game just glues me to the monitor like not a lot of games have managed before. The whole experience is mesmerizing - the setting, the characters, the puzzles, the acting and the music; everything just feels right and comes together as a whole beautifully.

I have no idea whether there's an audience for this kind of stuff here, but I'm hoping it might interest at least a few. And my guess is that since this is a US-centric site and Gray Matter is (as far as I know) not yet scheduled to get a release over there, a lot of people would and will miss it completely. I figured writing a blog is as good a way as any to get it some attention. :p
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