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About MrSlipperyone of us since 2:31 PM on 11.07.2007

I'm Scott, I <3 games, not just playing them, but the industry as a whole.
I'm in my second year of college, and since I'm located in Canada, I guess I'm obligated to like hockey too.

I love me some technology, and at chance will rabidly rant about it when I get the opportunity. Ditto for Hockey and the vidya.
and not to boost your ego, but every single one of you users is awesome. That's why I love D-Toid so damn much. I try to read as much as I can, but that's been a bit on and off as of late. I love true crime and as a result, shows relating to it. I'm also trying to wrap my head around Some Korg synthesizing as well as ableton, as It's a big dream of mine to begin making electronic music, I'm a huge fan of chiptunes, IDM, breakcore and triphop, despite that not being as related. I really want to get better at this stuff, but time is few and far between these days. I will give it time when I can, though.

360: OnlyMrSlippery
Steam: PlagueOfInsects ( please feel free to send me an invite. I am a pretty classy player if I do say so myself, likewise for 360)

favourite games of all time:
Streets of Rage series
Mario series, Mario 64 and Galaxy, in particular.
Resident Evil 4
Fallout 2
The Darkness
a few others, names escape me at the moment though. ;_;

Currently Playing:

Commander Keen ((ahhh, nostalgia)
Various PSP and DS Titles, as I have no access to my computer OR my consoles.