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Hey Destructoid, Happy Thxgiving.

Hey Destructoid, it's been a while hasn't it? how's it going? How've you been? How's the kids? How's the raging case of butt herpes? Still mad at me for boning your smoking hot wife last Kwanzaa? It's all cool, I reckon'

Anyway, after reading Matthew Razor Scooter's blog about being thankful for the fine community here at Dtoid, I thought I'd do my part in ripping off a blog and making it my own.

During my two, or whatever, years here at this site, I've come to realize the many things I am greatful for here in this fine upstanding community. So without further ado, here is what I am thankful for:

I'm thankful for Matthew Razor Scooter for giving me the idea for this bog
I'm thankful for the various amounts of fail blogs that bring copius amounts of butt hurt.
I'm thankful for the one or two of you who don't take me seriously.
I'm thankful for those who love me in a hateful, sexual kind of way.
I'm thankful for the new ladies who show up and post in this otherwise massive sausage fest.
I'm thankful for the random times I show up at FNF, and rock people's fucking faces off.
I'm thankful for Hamza when he sexually undresses me with his avatar's eyes
I'm thankful for people like takeshi, Yojimbo, Naim, and others who disturb even myself when in a one on one conversation.
I'm thankful for Genki and his awesome shitty movie nights.
I'm thankful that I've never met none of you sick bastards in person.
I'm thankful for the spammers who have shown me ways to increase my penis size that I've never known before.
I'm thankful for NihonTiger90's blogs that everyone should read.
I'm thankful for trolls like Nabu.
I'm thankful for naive little bastards like Mk.
I'm thankful for one line blogs that make me question my life.
I'm thankful for the forums.
I'm thankful for the hipster douche bags in said forums.
I'm thankful for the said hipster douche bags in said forums that tolerate me.
I'm thankful for cblog recaps, even though I only look through the fail section.
I'm thankful for awesome, random header images.
I'm thankful for Jim Sterling and his nonsensical satire.
I'm thankful for Geraldo Beedog finding my lost copy of Sports, by Huey Lewis and The News.
I'm thankful for JOURNALISM!
I'm thankful for Dale North, since he's the only editor I would have drunken, college experimentation with. Nick Chester is a close second.
I'm thankful for muthafucking movies like Die Hard and Commando being shown back to back on Thanksgiving. I mean it has nothing to do with this site, I just think it's fucking awesome.
I'm thankful for Destructoid ruining a game's perfect meta critic score.
I'm thankful for random Dtoid users adding me on various game consoles/cilents and not knowing who the hell they are.
I'm thankful for Jon Ross and Naim constantly inviting me to L4D 2 games even though I don't have the god damn game.. yet.
I'm thankful for Hamza's sexy arm hairs.
I'm thankful for drunk blog posts.
I'm thankful for Lola Bunny/Bill Murray Rule 34 porn/fan fic.
I'm thankful for the people who think I'm actually sorta funny.
I'm thankful for L4d fan fiction.
I'm thankful for comments with the caps lock on.
I'm thankful that this site isn't Kotaku.

Most and certainly not least, I'm thankful for this (mostly) fine Destructoid community. There are too many people to name, but most of you people make me laugh, make me cry, and most of you make me butt hurt. I still love you fine people though. Sorta like how a step dad loves his red headed step child with his fist.

I love you Destructoid, Seacrest out. Enjoy some green peaness.

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