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Black in action: A Dtoid love post (sorta kinda maybe sorta NVGR)


Oh hello there, Destructoid! How have you been? It's your ol' buddy, ol' pal, Uncle romstoppable. Some of you might also know me as MrSadistic on here.

As some of you may or may not know (or probably don't care), I have had an extended leave of abscence from Destructoid. There was a very big reason for that. In order to save you A LOT of drama, it was a classic case of boy meets girl, who then proceeded to hand his ass to boy after some crazy, serious stuff.

For the past month or so, I was dealing with the butt hurt. Through this period, I was totally put off by playing any sort of video juegos. I was going through a big ol' stupor, dear friends. I thought I was gonna lose it at times, but I have you to thank, fine Destructoid community. Through various social sites, some fine members of the Destuctoid community have cheered me up, and helped me through this time.

I do appreciate what has happened through all this though. Looking back at all my old posts on here (and on the forums), I've realized how much of a dick I was. Sure, I mean I was a troll for the laughs. Now, after all this I realize how much of ass I really was to some people. I guess that also explains the name change. I'm starting to be less of a dick, and trying to go back to my old school awesome roots. I mean sure, I might still do stupid shit for laughs, but know that I'm 93 percent sure that I will totally not become an asshole (that much) again.

As of right now, I'm slowly starting to go back and play through the ASS-TON of games in my backlog. I'll probably start off slow and go back and finish some PS2 games that I still haven't beaten. I also desperately need to become hip again, and buy some new games, so I can start joining in again on some Friday Night Fights with you guys.

So basically, in short:

You guys are pretty awesome, and I'm sorry that I stopped sucking on the teet that is Destructoid. I'll be around a lot more again, and I will never, ever abandon you again <3

I love you all.
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