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Castle Crasher Release Date?[Rumor]

Well this may be the news we were all waiting for or it may be just another rumor. The folks at Game Rankings seem to think CC will drop on 9/30/2008 http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/934458.asp link I have no idea whether or not this...


Banjo HERO CONFIRMED by Workmeng

well this confirms what we all thought Old people are going to develop Banjo Hero for the wii! That is all I leave you with one of my favorite bands of all time Streetlight Manifesto


My First Attempt at Spore Creature Creator

I downloaded this last night and I was really impressed with this software. It is amazingly intuitive and can be learned within a matter of minutes. This is my first creature and I pretty much maxed out what I could put on my Iron Dinos...


Losing Jack Thompson: A Loss for Gaming

It was recently announced that Jack Thompson will be disbarred. This is a huge loss for gaming. Yeah... that's right and here's why, instead of having a lawyer crazier than the animaniacs Jack's role may be filled by someone who knows what...


Happy Birthday Dtoid, Niero.

I hope one day to go to PAX with you guys. I have been around for about a year now and it's the most amazing site ever. I'm not very good at writing and I'm going to start doing some small side video project. Video Unrelated. <embed sr...


Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

3G Ram No High Def Video Card Windows Vista OS Pentium D Proccesor 160G HD (as much as an Ipod good god) all in all I think its crappy especially cause I want a newer Proccesor and a better video card


Looking for some good RAM?

If your Computer matches these specs then I have a deal for you! Technology DDR II SDRAM Form Factor DIMM 240-pin Memory Speed 667 MHz ( PC2-5300 ) http://www.costcentral.com/proddetail/HP/PX976AT/L49299/


One more Portal Easter Egg?!

Ok, I finally downloaded the portal song. I had to convert it to a music CD so that Itunes would reconize it. But it showed up as Every Kid is One of a Kind by THE CABBAGE PATCH KIDS!?!? anyone else have this happen?


I have seen the Haloz!

And I am upset with them! I had high hopes for this game but I don't know how long I can last. The single player is fun but this games about multi player mostly. Incident one Playing CTF two guys in the room who PISSED AND MOANED the enti...


Glitch spot in COD 4 beta

Outside on vacant there's an oil tuck with a ladder on the back. You can climb up the back but not on the top. This spot would be a huge advantage for shooting into the bomb site. Does anyone else have this problem?


The Betrayal winner is....

Well who is it? Is the announcement tonight at midnight a la Bomberman announcement. Just curious bc I want an end to the betrayals and I want to take down my banner.


Madden 08: The Maddening

I vow to never play another game of Madden against a human being! It seems the computer knows when I am playing and screws me over every time! I get so mad I want to have a heart attack! Scenario: Bengals(My cousin) V Ravens (Me) We start...


Games are a Sport

*I wrote this upon hearing Rev Anthony rant on retroforce go!* Games are a Sport because You can achieve perfection. Though rare teams have achieved the seemingly impossible goal of a perfect season (1972 Miami Dolphins). Perfection is alm...


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