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Manhunt 2: Too gory? (Or just too gory for Wii?)

A lot of people I know, most of them grown men who play lots of violent games, consider this game to be a bit too much. I've been watching these videos, and I agree it's a little excessive - however, by the same token, it looks like all thi...


Wii-Condom review.

Or, Wii Remote Jacket if you prefer. In case you're living under a rock, this is a free accessory that Nintendo has released to cushion the Wii Remote, to prevent it from destroying things. In reality, I don't think it'll satisfy in this...


About MrPwnageone of us since 9:47 AM on 10.26.2007

I used to be a huge PS2 fanboy, but i've fallen in love with the Wii lately. Since the SNES, the first PlayStation, and later the Sega Dreamcast, no console has ever been this entertaining. I generally only have time to play one game at a time (This is life! Retail is worthless.) so these big lists of what i'm playing aren't going to show up. I'm actually really glad to see Nintendo back at the top of its game.

My favorite games?

Anything Mario. (Except Sunshine, this game was FAIL)
Classic Metroid.
Final Fantasy (Up to X, XII is questionable... I didn't like it much. We'll see about XIII!)
Breath of Fire series.
Bomberman (the PC-Engine/TG-16 versions... all others fail)
Dracula X/SotN
Nights into dreams (waiting for the Wii version.)
Sonic (1/2, SA)
Ridge Racer (anything).
Devil May Cry.
RE series.

(many others, let's not make the list too big!)