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Profane Intervention Due To Infinit Awesomeness

Beating the crap out of your friends with minimal lag: CONFIRMED! Beautiful graphics with retro appeal and rebalanced gameplay: CONFIRMED! Erecting your foot in the air like a super-sized phallic extension on fire: CONFIRMED! I should pr...


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Dude was a PC gamer since many a year. Recently he enriched his gaming potential by an Xbox 360. Dude plans to get his MA in Sociology next year (In Nuernberg, Germany) and he's currently studying at Duke, Durham NC. Why does he tell you this? Well, he wants to write his thesis about the conceptualization of videogames and might bless you with his razor sharp observations and well founded criticisms in the mean time, you know, to keep you educated and stuff.

My avatar is stolen from https://udoncrew.deviantart.com/.