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Max's Squid Bears

what if Max Scoville's idea of Squid Bear became a cartoon? Maybe in the vain of The Smurfs or The Snorks. also have Max in a submarine having wacky adventures with them, would need a villain of some sort. any ideas?


Jim sterling & co fan art collection

Hi all wanted to share some of my past fanart I sent though the years, most are no longer members but stuff fun to show. Jim Sterling HAWP/podcast BeeDog Mr Destructoid/ Steam Pirates promo art


How not to Pitch Your game idea.

back in 2007 I was a 2nd year games design student working and a idea for a cyberpet game named Blob-O-Mesh the link below show's where I went wrong..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR3ArNQZoDE the idea was to make an animation then ...


Got a game out on Xbox Indie

Hey got a game out To my surpise I have a Xbox 360 Indie game OUT, I worked on it years ago, while I was a games design student at Uni for a Microsoft competiton, which we won and got to visit Rare Studios around the time of them releasi...


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