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Ni no Kuni First Impressions: Lots of Potential Mired by Handholding

Note: These are my initial impressions of the game from my first six hours of playing. They are opinions and will probably change as I continue to play the game.

Ni no Kuni is an RPG fanatic's dream. It presents an emotional story with addictive pokemon-esque gameplay. Upon entering the game, I was astonished by how great the graphics were. The game makes you feel as though you are the star of an animated movie and at the same time, realistically portraying wind flowing against your cape or fire casting a glow across part of your body as you move through the second dungeon area.

In addition, the game does a great job of connecting you to the main character. I truly felt said when <SPOILER> Oliver's mom dies while protecting him from an attack from the game's group of antagonists.<SPOILER> The game can get juvenile at times but for the most part it is intriguing and at it's best moments, hilarious to boot.

Combat is fun, if a little easy at this stage of the game. Monsters follow a rock-paper-scissors weakness system which eases you into the game and it was fun mastering when to stop attacking and quickly switch to guard. However, bosses seem to be a bit of a let down. One can easily strafe and cast spells, stopping only to grab an orb passed to you by your fairy companion or to guard a bosses super attack.

Futhermore, I really dislike how the game spoon feeds you what to do. Sure, you can go into options and turn off waypoints for the main quest. However, whenever you come across the puzzle it seems you always need a cutscene where Mr. Slippy (that name may be wrong) spells out exactly what you are supposed to do. "Oh, that tree is dead? If you only you had a spell that could REJUVENATE it, such as a spell specifically called REJUVENATE...CAST REJUVENATE!" I'm assuming that this is purely because I'm at the start of the game and it is trying to ease me in, but I don't see how you can wail on FF13 for taking forever to get started and be fine with something like this.

Regardless, the positives well outweigh the negatives so far and I am excited to continue playing. I will keep posting as I get further in the game and let you guys know how it's going. Thanks for reading my first blog and feel free to comment with suggestions on how to improve.

- Mr. Ledbetter Knows Better
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