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Mr Junko remembers when.....

Destructoid was an awesome community that was filled with gamers he enjoyed being around. There were a few haters, but for the most part there was plenty o' love.

I know, I'm some random guy most of you new members wont even recognize, but I was around when Bahamut would post random garbage, spew his two cents, and everyone laughed. I continue to laugh at blehmans posts about long cat, and sometimes wish other old school peeps like Rocvillan and Kingv3bo would post more often. I dont know, memories I guess.

Ive noticed in the recent months (years?) it seems like more and more people are being hostile and just criticizing the dudes reviewing games, or anything really. All Im saying is that the new generation (Im sounding like a geezer) needs to just sit back and see things from another perspective. Just because you dont see the point of view of some individuals, doesnt mean you gotta bash them. Youll learn that in life, shutting your mouth and listening to people and trying to see it from their point of view will help you out.

Anyway, this is just a short little rant from an old school member telling all of the destructoid community to appreciate what they got. Destructoids got one of the coolest staff, if I could buy em all a beer I would.

In conclusion, Destructoids gettin hate, and Im here to send a little love.

Thanks again for being fuckin awesome guys.

And now, for something completely different:

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