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Mr Junko remembers when.....

Destructoid was an awesome community that was filled with gamers he enjoyed being around. There were a few haters, but for the most part there was plenty o' love. I know, I'm some random guy most of you new members wont even recognize, ...



Thats a crazy mix of Final Fantasy 7 winning theme. Trust me it kinda grows on you. If your into the hip hop that is. :D So whats up everyons at my favorite game site? Fucking shit up hopefully. Yeah Im probably gonna get lip for it no...



So Ive decided that Im going to PAX this year. Ive also fooled..I mean...intelligently convinced, a few friends to join me. Now since this is my first trip to the promised land of video game conventions, I just wanted to know if anyone has ...



Most people say that playing video games makes you violent. Or makes you lust for violence. Maybe theyre right? Im sorry I couldnt stop laughing at the second clip. Enjoy!



I love you all! Whats up Destructoid?! Like the weird uncle that visits you every so often, Ive come around again. Not just to rant and talk trash. But to actually show some love to all of you. Its been a pretty bad year, having some har...



Im not sure how many of you are familiar with "The Onion" its a satirical newspaper that has some of the funniest articles Ive read on print. Anyway, theyre making a movie apparently: I hope that works, Im not HTML savvy, but if it does...


Its about damn time...

that Friday rolled around, I dont know about the rest of ya, but Im just about ready to go home pop open a bottle of wine and go to town. Despite the fact that Im working tomorrow. Ugh. Since my triumphant return I was (to my surprise) as...


Super Mario is a fucking lush.

DONT STOP BELIEVIN!!! Cause Journey kicks fucking ass. Hey boys and girls, I know how much youve missed me. Others will be like "YOU WUR GON3!? LULZ!!" Good to be back, since well, my job basically blocked this site. BLASPHEMY. And uh...


News Flash! Santas NOT real. Just thought this story was pretty funny. Its straight up copy pasta. But I thought this last line in the article was one of the funniest thin...


About MrJunkoone of us since 3:27 PM on 07.25.2007

So this is the part where I pretty much give you a condensed version of who I am, what I like, what I listen to and all that other rubbish.

I like to draw, lots, I like it even more than eating (and living by myself and having to pay rent just goes hand in hand) Beer is awesome, DARK beer, none of this Corona/Miller/Budweiser/Coors piss water the majority of people drink.

Im an old school gamer, and by old school I mean I cashed my grandmas Social security check to buy me an Atari 2600. GANGSTAAAA!!

Oh and Big Poppa Gamers dancing asian chick icon/avatar doesnt help me concentrate on anything.

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