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Japan: A Blog part 600 of 912

The diary of William Adams:Western Samurai pt.27 Note: This is an entry in DVDDesign's competition and contains no truth. Yet. As this will happen in the future when mankind travels back in time to fight wars by killing each other's relati...


I Just got my hair cut.

At the Mighty Thorre's mildly Pirate themed Hair Palace. I bet that surprised you. You were probably going to bitch at me. You probably still will, but at least I managed to avoid putting 'GOW Banner' as a post or something similar. I don...


Your gaming relationship with your family.

I guess this blog is something that the younger readers of D-toid can relate to more, but I was just wondering what everyone's family here at D-Toid is like about gaming. I mean things like, do you game with your parents? Are they the ones ...


About MrFudgeone of us since 1:48 PM on 12.07.2006

I'm 16, I've been playing games since I was about 4 or something. In the next couple of years I inherited my first console,a SNES from my mum's friend's husband who was a pretty hardcore otaku/gamer. Although I don't know him anymore I've got him to thank for getting me into gaming.

The game I probably have the best memories of is FF VIII, but I tried replaying it recently, and found that I hate the turn-based battles now. But a game I still love like I did when I was younger is Mario World, that's still all sorts of awesome. I've also always been into fighters since Tekken.

The current platforms I'm playing are my PS2, DS and Wii. Besides gaming my hobbies are kitesurfing and guitar. I plan to update my blog sometime, I just never get 'round to it.

If you want to contact me, you can email or IM me at tomhazz[at]gmail.com