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The Chewie and Nelson Perspective: Demon's Souls, Chewie edition


Once you figure out what to do this guy is surprisingly easy

I personally found this game ridiculously fun. Every boss fight was memorable, every new encounter challenging, and though the story is rarely mentioned, it too was enjoyable. Each level does a good job of presenting challenges that require different strategies from the last, my favorite being the prison area of 3-1. The games is usually eerily silent most of the time, which I actually enjoyed. The silence adds a sort of tension that preludes danger. Kind of like the calm before the storm. The music that did play, exclusively during most boss fights, was both appropriate and fun to listen to.

The Co- Op is a little different, and takes some time to get used to. For not having voice chat it does work surprisingly well. The PvP on the other hand I found really enjoyable. There is nothing more satisfying to me than killing some one right after they have killed a boss. Plus it's super fun! You know what say, humans ARE best prey.

All in all this a great game that takes me back to a time, when beating a game meant something. I recommend this game to everyone, regardless of whether or not you enjoy rape in the form of repeated digital deaths.

Now for my favorite part :


You guys should all know, Nelson is a phenomenal person to play with. He would consistently took hits for me, while I stayed far behind and enjoyed the amazing scenery. We had countless adventures. I think I'll share one with you.

The setting is the Prison of Hope ( A.K.A. World 3-1)
Nelson and I had just escaped braved the terror that haunted deep inside the hellish antechamber ironically named "Hope". Despair surrounded us as we bolted towards the doors of a nearby church. I looked at him as we ran. I looked at the man who practically held my life in his hands. I looked at the man I called friend. If it wasn't for his very capable hands I would have undoubtedly been penetrated by the long slimy tendrils of the octopus headed guards that patrolled the halls. Suddenly, an arrow flew past me, but from where. There was no one in sight. We continued to sprint. Slowly a dark figure formed out the shadows, and charged us. We fought, and eventually it fell. Nelson waved his arms in victory. Once the celebration was over we proceeded to enter the church, and that's when she a appeared. A beautiful goddess clad in black descended from the ceiling, giggling softly. Nelson prepared for battle.

" No!", I yelled through the online telephone service Skype, " She can't be evil"

" What the [email protected]#K are you talking about", gargled Nelson, " She's the boss"

The poor fool had been taken by the demons. This was obviously the princess that Captain Falcon had sent us to save. Nelson was lost, and I know what I had to do. I prepared to attack, but unsurprisingly they had no effect on him.

" Stop dicking around, and help asshole", he roared. He was gone. The Demons had consumed him. He struck the princess. He struck her repeatedly. He struck her so hard that it could almost be considered sexual.I tried to stop him. I tried to protect the princess. Fortunately when the got hurt enough she made multiple copies of herself. That kinda clued me in that she wasn't a princess, but was actually Fool's Idol . We both ran to the side, and prepared a strategy.

We had to draw out the original, but who ever drew the fire would surely die. I volunteered, but Nelson stopped me. He grabbed my arm, looked me in the eyes, and mumbled, " No Chewie! You have your whole life ahead of you! There's no reason for you to die". We embraced for the first and last time. As we let each other go he whispers in my ear Live life for the both of us. In a flash he was out in the open, rays of energy hitting him from all directions, and that when she revealed herself. On the far end of the room The Fool's Idol sent out a lightning ball far to large for any clone to create. A single tear feel from my cheek as Nelson's charred corpse hit the floor.

I leaped into action, running from pillar to pillar. I was within running distance. I was going to make it. Then I stepped on some sort of glyph that stunned me, and I died.....

Mr. Chewie ~<3
Link to the Nelson Edition
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