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Stealing CoD 4 *Update x2*

This is the update..to the update...to the post about stealing CoD 4. I got the bill and it was only 11 bucks. So there. I finished it so quit emailing me midget porn and telling me that I have not finished my updates. Some bad news t...


Stealing CoD 4 *Update*

Two things will happen in this post. 1. I will talk about stealing CoD 4 2. I will give my "ADD Video Game review" on Ghost Squad for the Nintendo Wii Okay maybe 3...who knows! First and foremost, It came! I ordered it on the 26th an...


Butt Cheek Chair?

I found it only fitting to bring you dToids this information. I don't know if I have the balls (cheeks?) to sit in this chair but it's appantly good for you as it "provides perfect lumbar support while ergonomically lifting and separating ...


Stealing CoD 4

I did it. I took the advice of a fellow blogger and ordered CoD 4 from amazon for the dirt cheep price of 11 bucks. I will keep everyone updated when it comes through or if they F it up.


I'm new to this...and shyt...

Now I have a blog. Not just a blog. But a videoGAME blog. yea. I might update I might not. I was just tired of God telling me that I suck because I didn't have a blog.


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I am a gov contracter that works on a helpdesk answering phone calls from old people on how to use their computer. Yes it's as fun as it sounds.