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The most fun thing about fanboys... also what makes them impervious to debate: blindness. While it was fun to watch this blowhard's peers slam this for lashing out at my Breath of Fire II review for no reason, it's sad to know that their words - and my overextended word...


Overheard in a Gamestop

location: Herald Square, 33rd Street, New York City 1: "I have this." *points to Forza Motorsport 2* "Ain't that good." 2: "Oh yea? What's wrong with it?" 1: "So like. Let's say you goin' 80, right. You come to a turn, if you want to tur...


Urge to Rock, Waning

I am a lazy bastage. There was one point in early 2007 where I was good at Guitar Hero. Not great - just good. I could beat Expert just fine, and that's about it. Then my buddy Slunks ran an impromptu Guitar Hero II tournament. I came in s...


Golden Axe III is sad.

If ever I could define a videogame with a sad puppy face, I'd do it for Golden Axe III. I don't know how many of you actually had a subscription to the Sega Channel download service. I know I didn't, and I was completely unaware that a thir...


I do so lower the seat!

When it's time for deuce, of course. Random tidbit: some user on Gamespot wrote a response-review to Volleyball. Apparently I'm too harsh on it, judging it against Super Mario Galaxy, judging it by today's standards, and judging it without...


Trigames.NET Podcast #73 - Jeff Gerstmann

The podcast title speaks for itself. That's right - it's all about Jeff Gerstmann, all 2 hours of it. There's no intro music. There's no Bag of Shit segment (though it manifests itself briefly in the beginning with a very choice selection f...


On Jeff Gerstmann: The New Math

Note: The following was first posted on my Gamespot user blog, then re-posted with more details as an editorial on Trigames. Below is the Trigames version. If you haven't been following the podcasts, I'd begun writing reviews for Gamespot ...


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