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LOVE: No award for cleanliness

To cover the topic and get that out of the way: Aya Brea, my first videogame character crush. As is how I came to love Parasite Eve 2. The way Aya's thoughts are presented go a long way to make her and her environments more interesting and fun.

The scene in particular for this piece comes out of the toilet block in Dryfield, a ghost town out in the middle of nowhere, Nevada. The player gracefully points her in the direction of a toilet stall and presses X. After a quick observation she says "This one's not winning any awards for cleanliness." Any further investigation and the fourth wall is blown to bits so she can ask: "Do I have to look in there again?" for that brief few seconds she'd leaned out of the television set and smacked me in the face, and from that point onward I was hers.
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