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I've given in to console gaming.

So after a couple of years of firmly placing my feet into the concrete of pc gaming, i've finally called my own bluff and realised the only reason i havent got a console yet is cos i'm a cheapass.
so today i placed the final bid for a used xbox360 console. yeah i know, i didnt get a new one cos they are still so damned expensive, and i didnt want the suckass arcade package.
but basically its a pre-hdmi pro package thats less than a year old with extended warranty, 3 controllers, vga output box, headphone, and 12 games. for $AUD600 including interstate postage. so yeh, quite a bargain, considering a new pro console at EB games goes for around $AUD600 as well. so i thought fuck it, i'll get it with my tax returns money.
so this will be my first foray into current gen console gaming (not including the nintendo DS), since my playstation.
here is a picture of the bundle i'll soon be receiving in the post.

i hope i wont be disappointed.
gamertag will be up soon.
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