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Obligatory "My Collection/Setup" Post

It seems that if you are even remotely serious about blogging here on Destructoid, you simply have to post pictures of your personal collection/setup. Without further ado, I give you what is commonly referred to by my friends and I as the "Nerd Dungeon." There are over 900 pieces in my gaming collection, which I keep fully inventoried. If anyone would like the complete to-date list, let me know, and I will post it. Also, keep in mind that I am terrible at any form of photography, and these pictures are awful.

This is the main setup in the center of the living room. I keep the PS3, Wii, XB360, and cable for the PSP hooked up at all times. The switchbox that I purchased has an additional composite and component up front, so I can just hook anything else up conveniently.
The shelves here house the following games:
- PS3
- Wii
- PC Engine (CD & HuCard)
- Neo Geo (AES & MVS Carts)
- Sega CD
- Saturn
- Dreamcast
- N64
- My Castlevania collection, which I keep separate, as it is my favorite series.
- XBox
- XBox360
- Gamecube

Here is a closeup of the system shelves on the main setup, with the glass doors open.
From the top left, to bottom right, you can see:
- PC-Engine Duo R
- Dreamcast (1 of 2, the other is kept boxed in a closet . . . for emergencies)
- Neo-Geo AES (with REI high-def mod from www.neotropolis.net)
- Saturn (switch-modded for imports)
- Genesis 2 + Sega CD
- SNES 2
- N64
- XBox

Here are some additional boxed systems and accessories that I do not keep out anymore. They are either, 1) obsolete, or 2) I just don't play them enough. I mainly took these out and snapped a picture so that you can see how awesome that the box for the PC-FX is.

Next to the main setup is a little alcove for my Rock Band stuff, and larger boxed accessories and game sets.

In the corner next to that is the Genesis & PS2 games.

My extremely modest computer. I am not really into PC gaming. You can see a smattering of games up top there. Mostly Warhammer 40K and Blizzard stuff.

Here is the handheld wall. This contains all my stuff for:
- Gameboy, GB Color, & GB Advance
- DS
- Neo-Geo Pocket Color

Here is the drawer of forsaken handhelds. Here lies the Game Gear and Nomad.

Here are my PS1 and SNES games.

Drawers containing various accessories.

Just for good measure, here is my DVD collection as well. There is a healthy (unhealthy?) sprinkling of anime in there along with everything else.

I hope that you guys enjoyed having a look at my setup. Let me know what you think!
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