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Occams electric toothbrush is your new Cblog Manager


It's been a long time coming. (Like my wiener!)

As my daily duties direct my attention elsewhere and I find myself being pulled in more directions than my penis when my wife and kids are gone for the weekend and I have the house to myself, I've found myself more and more in need of someone who can offer the Community Blogs the love and attention they truly deserve. Someone to laugh with you. Someone to cry with you. And someone to fucking cut you when you post four goddamn blogs back to back promoting your goddamn YouTube videos.

Well after some serious soul searching (I am the king of alliteration) and more than a few faps, it hit me (not the fap): what better person to fill that role than the only man I've ever allowed to wear my robe*?!

*Not true. Many men have worn my robe. I am a slut.

Occam's role here will be much the same as Mxy's and Bloodspray's in the Forums: help new members find their voice (and not piss off the rest of us), encourage fun and fruitful discourse, and be your go-to guy for all things bloggin'. I mean, the dude's already here 24/7, so I might as well give him a job, right?

With Occam's help, I also hope to give a jump-start to the fledgling blog promotion process, which I have sadly not been able to stay on top of by myself. Between the two of us, we will certainly see a lot more promote-able blogs than any one man could on his own (because my two eyes + his three eyes = five eyes), so please, PLEASE keep writing them!

And that's about it! Let's all give Occam a hearty reacharound I MEAN CONGRATULATIONS and wish him well with his new gig. Together -- and that includes you! -- we will inject a bit of much-needed and long-overdue love juice back into this place, and I can't wait to see where we go from here.

See ya, ya fucks!

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