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Dear Dtoiders


"Also, cocks" is gone. The "Fap" button is gone. Chad, Colette, Brad, Samit, Uncle Reg, and every other person and thing you've ever loved is gone. And it's safe to say none of them are coming back.

But Dtoid is not gone. We're right fucking here. There may be some new writers on the front page and new usernames in the comments and blogs, but the heart and soul of this place lives on as long as Yanier Gonzalez is still pushing buttons behind the scenes and sometimes also breaking things but it's OK because we love you boss please don't fire me.

At one point, you were new here and you didn't know anybody. And then eventually you knew everybody. And then either you or everybody you knew left and now there's all these new people and it sucks. I get it. I really do. Things change. Sometimes that's scary. When your favorite commenters, bloggers, or writers leave, something irreplaceable is lost that no amount of new people can ever replace. It sucks. And there's nothing we can do about it.

Or is there? People may come and go, but it's up to those of us who stay behind to adapt and keep this place as fun and active a community full of fun and active people as we can. It's up to us.

So you say you wanna start having fun again? Then fucking start having fun again. The Cblogs are yours. The comments are yours. What's the fucking problem?

There's no denying that this industry is changing. "Maturing," some might say. (I wouldn't.) Yes, serious topics like sex and race are going to be discussed. Yes, people you don't agree with are going to be interviewed. That's just an inevitability as more and more people becoming interested in our hobby, and it's not going to change. But these are still videogames, and they're still meant to be fun. But they're only going to be as fun as we want them to be.

I'm not advocating turning "serious" articles into dumping grounds for your random gifs. Let the people who like talking about such things have their forums; it literally DOES NOT AFFECT YOU THAT SUCH THINGS EXIST. But when a boring or questionable news article gets posted, it's OK to fill it with images of people eating salad. Failblogs are great places to sing Journey songs together. Slow day in the Cblogs? Write a silly blog. Start a silly meme. Potatoes. Mazmar. Whatever. Do fun things. This isn't a license to be a fucking asshole, just a reassurance that neither I nor anyone under my authority will stand in your way of just having a good, lighthearted time.

I don't mod comments or blogs for being off-topic; if I did, this guy would have been banned years ago. I mod comments when the person who wrote them is being a fucking asshole. So don't be a fucking asshole and we'll never treat you like one. It's OK to disagree with people, and it's OK to say as much. But it's not now and never has been OK to treat people like shit, and anyone who misses "the good old days" where they could was never a true Dtoider to begin with.

Anyway, that's all I have to say on the matter. I'm going to go masturbate on the toilet now.

Write some Cblogs, ya dicks.
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