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Community podcasters: help us get you more listeners!


Are you a Dtoid community podcaster? If so, this post is for you!

Here's the deal: Occams and I are working on a front page thing to promote our fine community podcasters (that's you), but we need a bit of help to get it going. First thing's first, the gist: What we envision is a post that will list each of the active community podcasts (say, anything that's been updated in the last three months or so), a brief blurb about each show (which community members are featured, what it's about, etc.), and a direct link to the most recent episode of each. The idea is that we will then "bump" the post once every couple weeks (or whatever) with updated links to the most recent episode of each show, etc., so that it's constantly put in front of people's faces (and hopefully, their ears).

So what do we need from you? Well, we need to know what each of your shows are about, duh. So if you host a podcast on our Cblogs, please do the following:

  • PM me a short (100ish words or so) synopsis of your show so I can add it to my post.
  • Include a 620x250ish piece of banner art, if possible.
  • Tag your future podcast Cblogs with the "Podcasts" tag. Some of you aren't currently doing this, and that is naughty! (For a screenshot of what I'm talking about, look here. Doing this will make your posts appear in this list, which will make my "bumps" easier to update.)

And that's it! Banner art, show synopisis, link. Simple and effecient for our readers/your listeners, and easy to keep updated for Occams and yours truly. Any questions? Suggestions for making this better? We're all ears!

That was a podcast joke.

Please note that, while I think this is a fine idea for now, the intent is for this to only be a temporary solution until we get a site redesign later this quarter. At that time, my hope is that we will have some sort of front page portal that will handle all of this for you (similar to the one that appears on the front page highlighting the most recent Cblogs we currently have). Any ideas on how best to implement that feature are also welcome :)

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