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Bored At Work Contest - Make Me Laugh!!!

Im sitting at my desk trying not to stab myself in the eyes with these cheap ass pens that we have in the office. I need a good laugh so I decided to have myself a little contest. I have two little prizes up for grabs. The first is a Call...


Quickblog! LBP Beta Codes!!! Almost Guaranteed!



Go to Target....NOOOOW!!!

So yesterday I was at work reading c-blogs, instead of working, like usual. I came across UnstoppableJuggernaut's Scene-It at Target blog. I thought to myself...I have that shit already...fuck this. But alas, I decided to swing by my local ...


Quickblog - 20GB 360 HD - $25

Hey all. I just stopped by real quick to let anyone in the market for a new 360 know that Target is clearing out all the 20gb 360 HDs to make room for the new 60gbs. I just picked up 2 for $24 and change each. Its a great deal if you just...


Just thought i would share...Some videos

This might be old, but god damn it's funny. El Mudo-Chacarron Macarron Also, to make this video game related, here is an awesome GTA4 video that I stumbled across. Again sorry if they are old but they are good ones.


New to the Scene: PS3

After a series of shady deals and trades on the good old list of Craig's, I found myself the owner of a Nintendo Wii. I had a ton of retail games, vc/wiiware games, and accessories. For a time they made me happy. We had a good relationship ...


FYI: Huge Gamefly Sale

Just to let everyone know, Gamefly is having another big used game sale. XBOX 360 Clive Barker's Jericho $9.99 John Woo Presents Stranglehold $9.99 Blacksite: Area 51 $12.99 Darkness $12.99 Kingdom Under Fire: Circle ...


Finally went HD...DVD???

This is going to be short, but I finally chose an HD format. Yes. I went HD DVD. Why would I do something that dumb? Well because I found the 360 Add-on with King Kong, Transformers, Superman Returns, and the Planet Earth box set for ...


Adventures In Craigslist: DS Lite Hunt

So...Like I stated in my "getting a Dreamcast" post, I am a fucktard. I used to sell consoles and games when I got bored of them, usually forcing me to re-buy them months or years later when there is a sudden urge to once again own a specif...


Reflections: The Best of the Dreamcast.

Im going to make this short and sweet. I want to know everyone's favorite games for the Dreamcast. I'm going to break it down into a few categories. See below. Top 5 "Mainstream Games" - Meaning big name titles and sequels. 1.Power Ston...


REPOST 4 After Work Crowd: I KILL PXLS in MvC2

Hey, I posted this earlier this morning, but i want to make sure everyone gets a chance to download this epic tribute to GA. Thanks for reading... So, as many of you know GuitarAtomik has just released his debut album, Press Start. To comm...


I Kill Pxls up in my MvC2??? Its True!!!!!

So, as many of you know GuitarAtomik has just released his debut album, Press Start. To commemorate this occasion I decided to start a little project. I set off to replace the bullshit "BattleJazz" soundtrack of MvC2 (Dreamcast version) wit...


Finally getting a Dreamcast...Can't Wait!

So im an idiot. Im one of those fucktards that likes to sell consoles and games when they get too old, then regret it, then spend more money getting them back. But today I will right one of my wrongs! I found a Dreamcast on Craigslist fo...


Off to Circuit City: Condemned 2 Deal

So i know Circuit City is not the most reliable company in the world when it comes to their deals. As I am sure most of you know, they are offering Condemned: Criminal Origins for free when you buy Condemned: Bloodshot. I tried to take adva...


Keep an Eye Out: SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1

I just got an email from Amazon recommending me some PS2 games, since I bought Fire Pro Wrestling Returns around Christmas. Usually I just take a glance at their findings and go on my way, but today one item caught my eye. EDIT: Just as I...


My setup, have a look.

Like many of you, I have been inspired lately by all of the post's showing off various setups. Last night I took a lot of professional pictures with my digi. Of course my GF decided to take the fucking camera with her today, so I retook ...


Europe's Answer to the U.S. MGS4 Bundle

I am sure that everyone, like myself, has already seen the MGS4 PS3 bundle that the U.S. is getting, presumably on the recently announced release date of June 12th. Thanks to Dale North's Blog for this photo. Google image has nothing :)...


Wednesdays With Mr. Gates: 2/20

Yesterday fucking kicked ass on the XBL front. Now of course, that is just my opinion, but if you couldn’t find something you liked in yesterdays tidal wave of shit you just might be a terrorist. From what I have seen NVGR posts are general...


Pretend Poop: Vol. 1

I work in an office. 8 hours a day in front of a fucking computer is enough to drive a man to commit mass murder. I don't really want to be a mass murderer. That is why I take a lot of pretend poops. My coworkers probably think I have Irrit...


15 Annoying Bastards

I always make it a point to check out sometime during my day at work. Why? Well becasue America loves lists. And i am American. So i love lists. Not to mention that some of the posts are hilarious. Today's happens to be about Vi...


Classics I Missed: Vol 1 -Splatterhouse Series

Here it is. I am going to attempt to start a regular blog about classic, and I use the term loosely, games and series that I had missed growing up and am finally trying out. Up first... THE SPLATTERHOUSE GAMES As a kid wandering a...


A Thank You to Butmac

I think it is about time we get together in one cblog and thank the almighty Butmac for his valuable services to our community. Day in and day out he continues to let us know what we should be spending money on by posting the Amazon deal ...


That minor is a minor so no game for you!!!

CONSUMERIST COPY PASTA TO FOLLOW: BEST BUY FORBIDS YOU FROM BUYING ASSASSIN'S CREED, INSITS YOU ARE BUYING IT FOR A MINOR. Matt writes: Yesterday I went through the horror of taking my 15 year old brother to the Best Buy in Orland Park,...



Unfortunately its true. Stated clearly in the terms of service. Ill copy pasta the info and link it. I am even going to steal the XBL pic they have o_O. Knowing this, ill take anything for free. Here is the article: For weeks now, Xbox ...


Uncharted zombies: CAD

Yes i am turning into one of those assholes that posts shit that is easily accessible to everyone. What the hell i figure ill take some of the legwork out of things. This makes it a 2 day run of funny stuff from CAD...


XBLA Watch: Goldeneye

RUMBLE PAK!!! For the love of god i hope this is true. i have heard rumbles and grumbles about Goldeneye being put on XBLA for awhile. With updated graphics and online multi, this could be a beast. Perfect Dark and Banjo Kazooie are in th...


Anyone that ordered from Gameflys big sale...

Have you got you items yet??? Mine shipped on the 28th of December, yet i am empty handed. Let me know when your stuff shipped and, if you remember, when you got it. I called customer service already and got a refund, but i am hoping for t...


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