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If you ever wanted to play Stranglehold...

You can get the chance to play it for $9.99 at Best Buy. Yes...10 bucks. That is the biggest guilt free 10 bucks I have ever laid down for a video game. Regardless what you think of this game or John Woo that is a steal. I didn't chec...


Why my college will pay for my lung tumor.

I am going to preface this with saying, that I was very happy to see the positive results of my last blog. After only one, I really feel that I am going to belong to this community. Yay, group hug and all of that, but lets face it. Picki...


Holy shit! My first blog.

Now, I think this is where I go about writing sensationalist stories about games that I hate, games I love, and companies that would make love to. For instance we all know that Uno on xbox live is the best goddamn game to ever hit the mark...


About Mr Willis13one of us since 12:40 PM on 10.24.2007

Whats goin' down D-toid. Names Mr Willis, or Jon Candy.....I'll answer to both. Turned into a gamer after the first pull of the light gun trigger in Duck Hunt. I'll never for get those days. I've had Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and now Microsoft. The only side in the console wars I take is the side that I have the wallet for.

I've grown fond of the FPS, but I love a good RPG now and again. I love killing zombies....ohh do I love killing zombies. And who doesn't love the music games now of days. Rock Band 2 ftw indeed!

Games I'm looking forward to
Fallout 3
Street Fighter 4
GoW 2
Fable 2
Left 4 Dead

Ooh, and without doubt my hero is Akuma

He will be a sweet Tatoo one of these days