NE: The Virtual Console has been succeeded by Switch Online

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Opinion: Hunters and Prey in Gaming

For about a decade, gamers were graced with the gift of hunting giant monsters with Capcom's release of Monster Hunter. From that point on, more games with this "hunters vs. the hunted" dynamic started popping up, whether it be hunting a hu...


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My name is Mike Piazza (just like the famous Mets baseball player. In fact, I tell myself that I'm actually him sometimes to feel special).

I used to have a lot of time to play video games, then I filled up my schedule and became incredibly busy. I still like to jump into a game and lose myself in it for hours with no clear end in site until I realize that my responsibilities are a thing. I mainly played JRPG's when I was younger, but that doesn't mean I was absent from any game in the Halo series, or really random indie games that are fun for, like, 10 minutes.

I'm really new to being on a public forum, so please bear with me.