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Practice Review: Prototype PC

A while back steam had one of it's legendary, bank depleting sales. Among the titles I bought lay Prototype the Xbox 360's answer to Sony's Infamous. While I had no intention of playing it at the time recently I decided to give it a try. ...



Ditto (メタモン ?, Metamon) a normal type pokemon, whose default form is a gelatinous but is known to be able to take the form of any object. Unique to it's species Ditto has no gender and so is highly sought out fo...


For those about to die doods

Sometime ago when the land was still gripped in the icy hand of Winter herself I picked up my dusty PSP and inserted a new game into it's innards. Turning it on and beginning a new quest I was greeted with a silly story, vexatious voice act...


Cheap games FTW

So I was looking though the Games Marketplace on XBL and I noticed the deal of the week is Alien Hominid HD. For this week only the game is 50% at only 400pts, which I think is like 5 bucks. Basically the game is a really awesome Side s...


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