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About Mr Hanekomaone of us since 6:45 PM on 08.10.2009

I am 15 and live in Mississippi, which is a fat-ass state with nothing to contribute to the rest of the country. I'm a guy, and therefore love shooters, and my dream girl is into video games but not me. I one day hope to be a Diagnostician, though previously I have wanted to be a writer, a lawyer, and a politician, all of which are most certainly not for me.

I enjoy RPGs, FPSs, and just about everything else. The only genre I really don't like is Sports, but thanks to the efforts of a friend I am now dead-set on getting Madden NFL 010 when it comes out. I can't stand hunting or fishing games, since I consider them both to be pointless and boring.

Currently Playing: Okami, Armored Core 4 Answer, Blue Dragon, Golden Sun

Last Game I Beat: Fable II

Favorite Game of All Time: The World Ends With You

Favoite Video Game Quote: "Here is a lock pick. I think that you, the Master of Lockpicking, could use it."

If I say or do anything to anyone that offends you, or someone you know, I will most likely not care. Unless you happen to be someone I hold in high regard, or am good friends with, I will honestly not give a flying fuck if I piss you off. I live in America, and am therefore protected by the right to freedom of speech, which allows me to speak freely without fear or threat of censorship. I believe I have every right to voice my opinion, regardless of who it angers or offends. Also, this is the internet, and if you take anything seriously on the internet, you're an idiot. It doesn't really matter, mate. Just change the tab, or read something else.