Only Single Player: New God of War concept art and early designs revealed

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About Mr Fishusone of us since 6:34 PM on 04.11.2011

Well, hello there!
I'm a gamer from the cold, cold country of Norway.

I'm guessing that it's quite obvious that I love video games...
Any kind.
The only factor that's important to me is the experience, be it the quest for a perfect run or a compelling narrative.
I also get bored easily, so I prefer originality over tried and true.

Some of the games that have had the greatest impact on me are;

Killer 7
Jet-Set Radio
Mario 64
Deus ex
Fallout 1&2
Metroid Prime
Super Metroid
Body Harvest (not even kidding here... awesome)
(Probably a lot more)

...I am also an artist. I attend the National Academy of Fine Art in Oslo.
Not the drawing pretty pictures kind, but the putting strange stuff no one likes in galleries kind.

My youtube page: