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Well, yesterday I found out that for my American government class I (technically my partner and I, but they let me pick the idea) Had to make a (fake) political party. After around 10 minutes of discussion, and limiting myself to American...


The old ones still live on

Many of you fellow gamers play online shooters against other players, and have you ever stopped in the middle of a teabag, to think of how the ancestors of your current game are? Well, being one of the gamers lacking the funds for an XBL g...


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I've been gaming since i was a wee laddie (we have pictures of me sitting on mah da's lap in diapers while playing a game) And i've been gaming ever since. As far as my favorite game, i like too many games to have one, (it's like asking me whether i prefer pizza or the color blue) Right now i'm not playing anything much........ I desire to get borderlands and other new games however. I currently own a PS2 Wii Xbox360 PC (<--crappy) and a PSP.