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Since Dark Side Of The Moon Immersion came out (11-11 I think), I've been listening to Pink Floyd almost exclusively. I can't stop. God knows I try. I really do. Some nights I'll think, alright that's it, tonight I'm listening to The Payback by James Brown. Five minutes in, and I'm back to to Pink Floyd's Meddle album. Meddle, Dark Side, Wish You Were Here and Animals. Round and round. Three months in and I'm still not getting tired of them at all. Just last night I was listening to Money off Dark Side and heard something I've never noticed before. I can't tell if it's a synth or guitar with some kind of pedal effect, but it's in the right speaker, (as your facing them) and it's just a wacha, wacha sound every now and then. Awesome. God, I love Pink Floyd. Check out Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii on YouTube. Amazing. And listen through a real stereo, not your friggin' computer speakers. Buy a decent system for Christ's sake. A sound card has Optical out, run it to a good DAC, then to your stereo and your golden. Pea's out.