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Blog the First: Introduction and "Gamer's Block(?)"

Iím Moxxie, a long-time enthusiast of the videogames. I have been alive since the middle of the Eighties and have been fascinated by assorted electronic media for much of that time. I have a permanent companion who also loves videogames, bu...


About Moxxieone of us since 9:03 PM on 02.03.2012

Hello, dear reader. I am Moxxie. My first videogame was Contra on the NES. I'm a lover of words and music, but videogames are as integral to the core of my being as love and cloudy skies. I am a student and a full-time systems admin at a pretty neat company. I spend more time reading and/or thinking about videogames than playing them. I have trouble choosing favorites, but here are a few:

Half-Life 2
Cave Story
La Mulana
Demon's/Dark Souls
Final Fantasies VI and XII
Metal Gear Solid 3
Secret of Evermore
God Hand
Mother 3

So on
So Forth

My favorite film is Porco Rosso. It's the right choice.

I am not a social creature by nature and I am fine with that. But I do like to discuss videogames and share disembodied words as has become so easy these days.