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Shaky-Cam Review: Glory of Heracles

(Welcome to my attempt at covering up my inability to update my c-blog, err, wait... can I start again?)

(Welcome to the most nauseating game reviews you'll ever read! ...No, that's not right...)

(Welcome to the only reviews that attempt to justify a lack of professional tools for taking screenshots! In an attempt to allow me more excuses to update this c-blog, I'm going to throw the occasional review up here, because why the hell not? I'm going to kick it off with a number that I haven't seen much buzz about and hope you don't go "tl;dr" on me here.)

The game takes an interesting graphical approach. While everything outside of the ďsetupĒ menu is modeled in polygons, itís textured in a way that it all looks sprite-based. Itís an interesting take to add to its retreaux motif, and the game manages to pull it off pretty well. You might spot a jaggie here or there, but had you not read this review, youíd just assume itís the old fashioned graphics at work. However, you will be wishing for a more old-fashioned fixed camera. In towns, the camera does an abysmal job, constantly swinging around the moment you walk in front of a door to show you that door, and your movement is dependant on the cameraís angle.

Overall, thereís really not much to say about Glory of Heracles that you canít say about JRPGs in general. Really, your opinion of this game will probably come down to your opinion of JRPGs. It doesnít do anything innovative, but what it does, it does well. And sure, it takes some liberties with its source material (the Trojan Horse was certainly not used as a battering ram to enter a zombie-infested city of Troy), but it couldnít have done as good of a job elsewise. All I will say is that sometimes you donít need to do anything super-new to be enjoyed. Hell, Earthbound wasnít exactly super-innovative.
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