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Microsoft: "One games won't play at launch"

After announcing that the Xbox One will only be available in 21 states at launch, Microsoft spokesperson Matt Fox confirmed rumors today that although several games will be open for sale, customers will not able to "activate" games and games will not actually be playable at launch. 

Fox stated "We really wanted there to be a honeymoon phase where users will be able to really get to know the Xbox One and where the Xbox One could get to know their users.  Unfortunately the game playing process really got in the way and we stand behind this decision. Also, football."  

Fox went on to outline that a streamlined process has been put into place that would set, roughly, a 2015 date for most games to be open for activation, but emphatically stated that a lot of the games could be available much earlier if a genuine relationship was developed with a users Xbox One and the Xbox One felt comfortable allowing a user to play a particular game.  

Fox went on to say "The good news is you can watch most movies and even some TV.  The One tends to favor HGTV but like any relationship, it's a give and a take. Also, football."
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