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10 random things you didn't know about Morty

Heya, folks. Since everyone and their moms have been doing these lately and I pretty much enjoyed reading them I figured Iíd do one for me, as well.
Here are ten random facts about me:

Pictured: Green, which is awesome.

#8 I love books
Books totally rock. I loved them ever since I was a kid. Everytime we drove somewhere by car or train I had several books with me that I just devoured. I cannot understand how someone can dislike reading and I canít fucking stand to the degree where I want to beat the person to death with a book when people are proud †of not reading. Ugh!
Hm, whatís more to tell? Shit, I dunno. Thatís kind of boring, isnít it? Oh, I got it.

Here is my Top 5 Most Recommended Books:

1. Killing yourself to live by Chuck Klosterman
2. Die Stadt der Tršumenden BŁcher by Walter Moers (Wow, I just found out that this book was also published in English. If you love books and reading, you have to read this! Itís called The City of Dreaming Books in English)
3. 1984 by George Orwell
4. The Electric Church (and the four following books) by Jeff Somers (beautifully crafted dystopian science fiction; never read anything more fast-paced)
5. Everything by Terry Pratchett

Unfortunately recently I find the balancing act between reading, watching and videogaming pretty hard and honestly I feel I should make more room for reading. Maybe the reading will prevail when Capcom, Ubisoft and EA destroyed videogames altogether.
Currently, I am reading The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes Part I and the sequel to The City of Dreaming Books, Das Labyrinth der tršumenden BŁcher.

#9 I fear that I will never work in the videogame industry
Videogames are my thing. I love to play them, I love to read about them, I love listening to them, I love talking about them and I would love working with them. Unfortunately I donít have any solid idea what I can do and want to do other than ďSomething with vidyagaems, derpĒ.
I donít really think that written journalism is my thing because I would be too much on my own and I have problems motivating myself. I can imagine working with a group of people for online video editorial work. I can imagine working in localization teams for games, PR or event management but I donít really know how, where and when. Germany is not the best country for that, as well. And I canít find where to start.

#10 One time I had a outer body experience
When I was just a little child, I was on a playground with my father. On this playground was a wooden tower with a slide. You could climb the tower by ladder and hanging ladder and being the ambitious little monster I was I wanted to climb the hanging ladder. I got to about two or three meters height when I lost hold and plummeted to the ground. And because I was really little I didnít have any cool grapping reflexes in my repertoire, so instead of - †I donít know Ė not hurting myself, I fucking belly flopped from nearly three meters high on hard ground. That was over 23 years ago but I still remember clear as day the moment I hit the ground, especially the fact that I saw it while floating three meters above my body. I was wearing something bright, white or light-blueish. The moment didnít last long, it was gone almost instantaneous.
My dad grabbed poor unconscious me and jumped in front of the first car on the street to get me to a hospital and everything turned out fine but I will never forget this one short, eerie moment when I saw my little self lying there under me in the dirt. Creepy as shit.

Thanks for reading, dicks and vags. Gíday.
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