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Why Does the Liberal Agenda Make Terrible Video Games?


Everywhere you look in the world of gaming, liberal celebrities, developers, and journalists are pushing a single idea; that video game developers have a responsibility to teach morals and ethics. This alone greatly limits creativity. The only thing video games, music, movies, or tv shows have to do is entertain their audience. That’s it, that's their sole responsibility as creators, and the primary determining factor of their success or failure.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Let's take a look at 'The Witcher 3' and 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' for an example of both sides of the coin. One of Deus Ex MD's earliest cut scenes involves Jensen, the protagonist, talking to an agent after getting off a train. They discuss the current state of the government oppressing augmented people which becomes heated and then the agent asks Jensen "so you're just going to let racism and prejudice win?". Now, augmentation has nothing to do with ethnicity or nationality, but they had to put that line in there otherwise people might have drawn parallels to gun registration or some other social ill. From then on, every decision concerning ethics or morality in the game makes it painfully obvious which is good, which is evil, which is right, which is wrong. There is no moral ambiguity, no grey area, not in the writing, choices, or outcomes. And this is the problem, the game has to direct and guide all thought to the conclusions it wishes to teach instead of allowing people to draw their own and think for themselves. Instead of trying to provoke thought they try to control it. Black and white leaves little room for imagination, and in an industry built on creativity, this is disastrous.

Now let's take a look at the Witcher 3, particularly the early events surrounding the 'Bloody Baron'. The Baron is a drunkard, he beats his wife, and has a violent temper. He is not a role model, but at the same time, he isn't all bad. At this point, most liberals will respond with the usual knee jerk outrage against the idea of a man who beats his wife to be anything but a horrible despicable person. However, the game deals in so many shades of grey you rarely ever see anything that is clearly good or clearly evil. The Baron also took in Ciri, Geralts adopted daughter, and an orphan without hesitation, feeding and clothing them, the orphan even gets a place in his household. He also makes it clear that he never beat his daughter, and always calmed his drunken fits when he saw her. Finding all this out is like pulling teeth. The Baron is ashamed of his life and what he's done, and his wife and daughter left him because of it. He also doesn't want to admit he did anything wrong and tries to make excuses, but when pressed, he admits the things he's done. He also believes he caused his wife to miscarriage chasing after her the night they left.

Skipping ahead, the Barons daughter joins the games equivalent of the Spanish inquisition and wants nothing to do with her father. His wife is found taking care of orphans in the swamp. Geralt is then sent on an errand by the 'Crones of Crookback Bog', who rule the area and speak through the Barons wife. Geralt is sent by them to help a local village. Now at this point we should explain a couple things about the Crones. The Crones are part of the local superstition, where they supposedly take care of lost and unwanted children in the swamp. Villagers send orphans and their own unwanted children into the swamp as an age old tradition. There is an undertone where people suspect the children don't survive, but nothing is known for certain, so the tradition continues. The locals who serve the Crones claim they are harsh but fair, taking care of them but demanding payment in return. In the mission the Crones send Geralt on he discovers an ancient entity the Crones trapped in a tree, the only thing certain is that it wasn't human and it ruled the area before the Crones. You have the option of killing the entity or setting it free. The entity informs you that the Crones eat the orphans and have already moved the orphans away for that purpose so you cannot rescue them, but it can. If you free it the orphans are saved, but it kills the local villagers who served the Crones, either way innocent people will die.

After making your choice you find out from the Baron that his abuse began after discovering his wife was cheating on him. When he found out, he killed the man in front of his wife. His wife tried to kill him and herself numerous times afterwards. She hated her husband before he ever hit her. She also made a contract with the Crones to avoid giving birth to his child, so it is suggested that the Baron might not be at fault for the miscarriage. She did everything she could to get under his skin, get him angry, to provoke him. Now, if you killed the entity and the Crones eat the orphans, the Barons wife goes insane and the Baron sends her somewhere to recover, if you saved the orphans, the crones turn her into a water hag and lifting the curse results in her death, after which, the Baron commits suicide. There is no happy ending, no perfect solution that will save everyone. No matter what you do, bad things happen, just not to you. Nothing in the story is designed to teach morals, the game even lets you freely decide for yourself what you think of the Baron, who opens up mostly because he hit rock bottom. The game doesn't try to make you hate him or have sympathy for him, that is entirely up to you. The game neither guides nor judges, its only purpose is to tell a story, to entertain, and it does that extremely well.

The liberal agenda of trying to use video games to educate (brainwash) the audience could never write a story like that. They could never include a drunken abusive bastard in shades of grey, they could only paint him as evil and use him as an example with the message "hitting women is bad, mkay". Worse is that the whole liberal agenda is condescending, it's whole basis is that the audience doesn't already know right from wrong and needs to be taught, that they need it explained. They dumb down their own story even as they insult their audience. This is why the liberal agenda cannot produce a good game, or tell a good story. They can't set their political agenda aside long enough to make anything other than propoganda.

- “Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day, but set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life.” ― Terry Pratchett

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