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PSP Redesign/PSP 2 Rumor Fuel: Why Would It Say This?

I'm crossposting this from my own blog; A Gamer's Mind. (<- Original post) I'm no gossip. I don't like saying things if I can't back them up. However, something caught my eye today when I bought Patapon 2. Yes, Sony's trial "PSN-only r...


European Gamers: Screwed Over

It's not hard for someone like me to turn a blind eye to what's happening outside North America as far as gamers go. I haven't really been keeping my eye on any major gaming blogs until a week ago, so it used to be that I just thought that...


Introducing the Moofman

An odd name, especially for a male nontheless, but behind its cuteseyness I guess it's worn on me. But anyways, as a newer member of the DTOID community I might as well go into a bit of detail of my gaming history. Having been born in 198...


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