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I need community members.

To get things started with what this is. it's yes, another community podcast coming monthly with one focus. It's been my idea for a few months now to do something like this but I never quite had a hook. I never quite found a way to mak...


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Excuse the header. I still haven't paid for a sweet awesome one yet :P

The Monthly Musecast is my first real attempt to meld the 2 worlds of geekdom that I the Scion of the Great Lord Mogo inhabit. The worlds of both comics and gaming. Each month I will host a conversation between myself, one or 2 other comics professionals, and editors and community members from Destructoid.com on the greatness that is the monthly musing subject. Anyone from the community is eligible to join in the discussion. If you are interested in being one of the community guests please send an e-mail to musecasting(at)Gmail.com and I will add you to the list of community members to invite on to the show.

As part of the show I'll also be giving out prizes for every episode I do. Each one involving that months creator guest. The contest will almost always be the same unless we decide to jazz it up for some extra goodies. Read, play, or watch something that creator has...well...created and then write a cohesive review. Either in the comments section or in the C-blogs. The prize for each one will always be something from said creator.

We'll see where this heads. I'm hoping it brings something new and exciting both to Destructoid but for the creators involved to be able to talk about something a little different than they usually do.