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Bored, alone, rocking out, and fucked up... Oh and drawing XD


Played the Octopath Traveler demo last night what a badass game. The break combat system is really interesting and surprisingly deep especially when you add in the second party member. I cannot wait for the full game to come out


Just saw Dragon's Dogma remaster is coming out on October 3rd I am soooo stoked I loved that game last gen


Dissecting my LG G4 because of a freaking bootloop not what I call fun >:(


Waifu Wednesday.... OK so I am a freak XD (Chaos Witch Quelaag DS1) this does count right?


FFXIV Update - Finally hit level 30 with my Marauder last night and now begins the cross class Pugilist to eventually get my Warrior.


God I hope Nintendo really brings the pain, because this E3 was lackluster af.


Soooo I posted my first cblog on here ever D: Tell me whatcha think ppl :)


FFXIV - Taking a breather to soak up the sun XD


FFXIV - Another week/weekend and another 15 levels what a difference they make :)


I just got a Kickstarter backer update on Bloodstained and kind of bummed it wasn't more, but I really really hope someone does some good coverage on it because I know it is suppose to be at E3 this year (and possibly E3 next year XD)


Another day another 4 levels in FFXIV AAR but what a difference it has made you hit level 15 and your gear skyrockets not only that i have finally unlocked two new places to explore (Gridania and Ul'dah) in the main story quest line...


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