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Monsters in the House

Lately the concept of the zombie has really taken over gaming. It has been a slow burn of course there were dozens of zombie games even before Capcom mad the Biohazard/Resident Evil series, but we see how that the zombie has become a “stoc...


THUNDERCATS!!! Ho--noooo!

ThunderCats Writer Murdered? I just saw this story at Kotaku and it just made me sad. In short: Stephen Perry, who was a writer for 1980s cartoon ThunderCats, recently went missing. His van was found last Sunday. Inside it, a man's severe...


Wait...Let me get this straight

Hideki Kamiya (Bayonetta creator) It looks like there's pornographic Bayonetta fan comics. That's bound to disturb fans of the game, and I can't imagine the creators of said manga have any love for the game. If I understand him correctly...


Virtual Actors - Coming No Matter What

I wonder when a real life actor will contract out their virtual avatar for use in games, movies all the time? I mean making a new business out of 'virtual acting with a formal 'data set' of them self that can be used over and over. Think ...


Nier...but so far

WTF, I look at the game Nier by Cavia games and all I can do is get angry and feel slapped across the face. That game just packs everything I hate about this generation of gaming coming from Japan and boils it down to a noxious sludge. ...


Are games about Vietnam dry wells?

Are games about Vietnam dry wells? Call of Duty might be going back to Vietnam, from what we are hearing above the din of the latest inter-office politics. If we put the Infinity Ward situation aside it seems like at least Activision is g...


Annoying Bits of Mass Effect 2

I have compiled a extensive list of annoying bits about Mass Effect 2. Please consider that I can't elaborate too much on solutions for these annoying bits, I merely want to put my annoyances down to as a starting point. - Loading: Wow, ...


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Did you have much encouragement in writing, and if so, by whom?

Good Lord! I wish there was a funny story for this, something evoking Truman Capote, to tell you about my early writing. Sadly, I came only lately into writing and would likely be better known for drawing if there was any fairness in the world. I can very honestly say I never wrote a grammatical sentence, of more then six words, until I was twenty. Well, at least anything set to paper of on the first attempt. I am creative, but I've lacked the careful architect tools of a real writer who can build something great. I have the mind of a lunatic and that helps make for interesting ideas, but nearly ninety-nine percent of my writing process is correction and re-writing. Maybe, knowing enough to re-writing makes me a real writer, but it sure seems like more work when the whole process seems like carving toothpicks out of whole trees. The first story I ever wrote was in second grade about a one eyed monster that was cruel only because he needed eye-drops. My 2nd grade teacher's assistant thought it was very creative, and the was my first moment of pride in anything I wrote.

Why should people read what you write here?

Facts are written by and for the sissy! Here in my blog, I deal in truth and leave factual reporting to the experts. I might not always spell all the words correctly and I cannot vouch for my mastery of the rules of grammar; However, I do try to say interesting things and I try to make it fun. That's my only promise: what you find here will be as fun, funny or irritatingly interesting. If you don't agree I give you back twice what you paid me to read it..